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Layla Sleep has been dedicated to working with customers worldwide. We provide sleep products like copper infused double-sided memory foam mattress to our customers at reasonable prices. Call 844-775-2952 for more information.

Copper infused pillows | Pillow that Stays Cool

Layla Sleep provides memory foam pillows that are plush and soft. Memory foam has dual properties. It has a viscosity of water and elasticity of poly foams. You must try our cooling pillow once!

Full Antimicrobial Mattresses For The Home - Layla Sleep

A #MarchMadness bracket is a good way to narrow down your priorities. Here, we have put together a bracket of common mattress qualities. Find #Superfirmmattresses at a very reasonable price.

Choose the Right Pillow for a Good Night Sleep - Copper Infused Pillows

In order to sleep soundly and peacefully, you must have a proper sleeping posture. The pillow is a great deciding factor in this. If your neck and shoulders do not sufficient support, your spine and body can go out of alignment. In this blog, we will help you pick the best pillow with some factors you can keep in mind while buying a pillow.


  1. 1. Comfort:

The firmness level of the pillow should be put to test when you go to buy a pillow. Lie down on it and see if your head sinks on it. If it does, it may hinder your breathing. Air circulation is one of the most major priorities.




  1. 2. Support:

You might not notice it much, but the kind of support is an important factor in deciding your pillow comfort. Good support will help to keep your back and neck properly aligned and with time the same position will become comfortable.


  1. 3. Temperature:

You must buy a pillow that stays cool for a longer time. No matter how comfortable hot pillows feel, they can never surpass cooling pillow. Cooling foam pillows stay cool for a longer time.


  1. 4. Budget:

Invest in a pillow that fits your requirements and pocket as well. Compare 3 to 4 pillows, test them and then decide the best.


What makes Memory foam pillows a great choice?


It is a very unique feeling when you experience a memory foam. Its texture can withstand any kind of pressure. Memory foam has dual properties. It has viscosity of water and elasticity of poly foams. This is why cooling foam pillow is so popular. When you rest your head on it, the foam compresses and balances your body weight.


These features of memory foam pillows, make them a good choice because-


  1. It provides excellent support for head and neck when you sleep.
  2. Your body weight gets evenly distributed which in turn eliminates any pressure points.


Layla Sleep manufactures memory foam pillows that is plush and soft. Our copper pillow is made from Kapok fiber making it the best pillow for necks. If you have been long suffering from body pain, you must try our pillow once!

Memory Foam Mattress | Best Mattress For Cooling

Most of the people suffer from back pain, neck and shoulder pain in the morning and if it gives you body aches whole days, then it's time to improve your bedding habits with your mattress. Visit the page to know the best tips for getting rid of pain in the morning.

Hexagon quilting blanket | Clean cooling supportive blankets

Layla Sleep offers the best quality of cooling blankets with 100% cotton. Using the Layla weighted blanket helps with anxiety, stress, insomnia, and ADHD or autism, etc. Order Now! Contact for more.

Layla Pressure blanket is great for relieving stress and is very soft, plush and comfortable. 100% cotton surface is clean, soft and can be washed easily. Get free shipping, 120 nights trial and a 5-year warranty on our weighted blankets.

Clean Cooling Supportive Blankets | Cotton Weighted Blanket

Layla offers the best quality and cotton based Weighted Blanket that has a smooth bottom layer with a fleecy top layer on another side. This Weighted Blanket comes with three different sizes and weights to suit any type of sleeper. For more details, call us at 844-775-2952 or visit the blog page.

Weighted thunder blankets - Layla Sleep Products

Layla Sleep Offers new weighted blanket for its customers. It has a clean, soft, easily washable surface. The pressure blanket by Layla Sleep gives Deep Touch Pressure.

Order Now! Contact for more.

Relieve Persistent Sciatic Pain - Buy Mattress

If you are suffering from sciatic back pain. In addition to going to the doctor, try these at-home hacks, including buying the best mattress for lower back pain. Read the blog for more details.

Bed frame for memory foam mattress | Best bed for back pain

Choose the best Mattress foundation and #BedFrames at Layla Sleep. Our Foam Mattress is designed to the perfectly, Durability, easy to use with fresh smell. You can contact us for more information. keep cool mattress

Copper Infused Mattress | Copper Mattress

If you are worried about your body weight and trying to lose some weight, you can do by following some changes in your daily routine and sleeping habits. So it is important to take proper sleep that can only possible with Copper infused mattress. Visit the page to know more about your sleep and mattress.

Find the best cooling pillow by Layla Sleep. Sleep on our soft, fluffy and plush pillows and get the best sleep of your life! Starting price of $99. As an advantage, we also give our customers free shipping, 120 nights trial period and 5-year warranty.

Back Pain Mattress | The best mattress topper for back pain

If you wake up every morning feeling like you slept. Find here the right mattress which can change your life for the better. We have the best Back Pain mattress on very affordable rates.

You can contact us for more information.

Layla Sleep has a wide range of sleeping products that makes your room memorable. All products have made with best quality materials and come with 5 years warranty. For more details, call us at +1 (855) 358-1676 or visit the website https://laylasleep.com/

Two Sided Mattress
Two Sided Mattress

Layla Sleep launches new mattress for side sleepers as side sleeping is good for neck and back pain and decreases the risk of snoring, etc. That's why we need the best mattress for side sleepers that supports your sleep alignment and make your body pain free. For more details, visit the page or call us at +1 (855) 358-1676. 

Get $125 off and two free pillows with our Memory Foam Mattress. Quickly take benefit of our Memorial day sale!! Our online mattress company will also give you free shipping, 120 nights trial period and a lifetime warranty.