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Layla Sleep

Layla Sleep has been dedicated to working with customers worldwide. We provide sleep products like copper infused double-sided memory foam mattress to our customers at reasonable prices. Call 844-775-2952 for more information.

Cooling Memory foam pillow - Kapok Memory Foam Pillow

Buy a pillow that stays cool for a longer time. No matter how comfortable hot pillows feel, they can never surpass cooling pillow. Compare 3 to 4 pillows, test them and then decide the best.

King Mattresses for Sale | Get A King Size Mattress - Layla Sleep

Instead of buying a king size bed, you can use two XL twin size beds to make one. Our flippable mattress can be a great choice to help you get a cool sleep. Now Get Two Firmness levels with One Bed.

Layla Mattress has cool and supportive copper-gel infused memory foam mattress topper that is 2" thick. It can fit on your current mattress. Copper gel beads in the foam absorb your body heat and pull it away from you.

For more: https://laylasleep.com/product/layla-topper/


Layla Sleep | Best Memory Foam Pillow - Kapok Memory Foam Pillow

Find the best pillow for you at Layla Sleep. Good support will help to keep your back and neck properly aligned and with time the same position will become comfortable. Contact now for more details.

On this "Fourth of July", You can buy our Kapok memory foam pillow and get one 1/2 Off!
The Layla Cooling Pillow is great for people having neck pain the next morning they wake up from sleep. Get free shipping, 120 nights trial & 5 years warranty. Call us today!

Follow the link: https://laylasleep.com/product/layla-pillow/


Kapok Fiber Pillow | Cooling Foam Pillow - Layla Sleep

Some points for how you choose the best pillow for a good sleep. Layla Sleep manufactures memory foam pillows that are plush and soft, made from Kapok fiber making it the best pillow for necks.

Flippable Firmness Mattress | Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Are you a side sleeper? Here at Layla Sleep, we have the best mattress for side sleepers. Side sleeping encourages your spine to remain aligned and it can do wonders for your neck.

You can have more information in our blog.

Plush and Soft Blankets | Gravity Blanket - Layla Sleep

Use a weighted blanket for anxiety increases serotonin, reduces cortisol, and so much more. The pressure blanket by Layla Sleep gives Deep Touch Pressure. Order Now! Contact us to know more.

Layla Sleep Summer Sale, get $125 OFF on Copper Infused Layla Mattress. We are also giving free shipping, 120 Night Free Trial and Lifetime Warranty.

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Flippable Two Sided Mattresses | Daily Mom loves Layla Mattress

Daily Mom has positive reviews to share for Layla Mattress. It loves the design and pain management structure of the mattress. You can read the whole blog on our site to know more or call at 855-358-1676.

Cooling Foam Pillow | Copper Pillowcase Side Effects

Layla Sleep is offering best copper infused pillow that helps to support your neck and shoulders and gives you most comfortable and pain-free sleep. To know the more about cooling pillow, visit the blog.

This Summer, get an amazing offer on supportive Bamboo Bedsheets. Get $25 OFF with free shipping, 120 Night Trial and 5 Year Warranty on Bamboo Sheets. Layla Bamboo Sheets are naturally cool and clean. Order Now!

Best cooling foam pillow | Copper pillow for better sleep

Layla Sleep provides a cooling pillow to support for your head and neck. You should buy a pillow that stays cool for a more extended time. Regardless of how agreeable hot pillow feel, they can never outperform #cold_pillow.

Shop For Layla Blanket | Plush and Soft Blanket

Weighted Blanket has become more popular in recent years as it gives the best sleeping experience to many families and individuals. It has many features that help to recover people from many sleeping issues. Visit the page to know how Weighted Blanket works and what features it has.

Copper Pillowcase Side Effects Pillow that Stays Cool - Layla Sleep

Our copper pillow is made from Kapok fiber which makes it the best pillow for necks. Cooling foam pillow is so popular when you rest your head on it, the foam compresses and balances your body weight. Visit the page more details.

Pressure points before bed - Best Mattress for back and neck pain

Here are the top 5 Pressure Points for you to Sleep Well. Layla Sleep has the best Mattress for Lower Back Pain Sufferers because it stands the test of time and won’t sag after a couple of months.

Make a call to us for more!